Tuesday, June 21, 2016


This is a 28 - day magical journey I'm doing for the first time with you guys. Click here for details.

For this exercise you will need the photographs of three people who are most important to you. It could be your mom, dad and sister, it could be your best friend, boyfriend and grandpa, it could be you cousin, uncle and brother. It could be anyone. The photograph can be of just the person or of the two of you together.

"We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures." -Thornton Wilder(Writer and Playwright) 

Gratitude makes relationships flourish. As you increase your gratitude for any relationship, you will magically receive and abundance of happiness and good things in that relationship. Once you have the three pictures, sit down and think about all the things you are grateful for about that person. After you've done that, look at each photo and list the five things you are grateful for about each person. Write it down in your journal in the following way.

Thank you, (their name), for (what?)
For eg : Thank you Mom for supporting me through college.

After doing this, take these photographs with you wherever you go today and make sure you see them a couple of times. Each time you see the photo's, say the magic words thank you and their name.

For eg: Thank you Neetu.

Day 3 exercise:
1. Repeat steps 1 and 2 of Day 1 Exercise.

2, Choose three of your closest relationships and collect a photograph of each.

3. With the photo before you write down 5 things you are most grateful for about each person. Begin each sentence with thank you, their name and what your grateful for.

4. Carry the photograph with you and look at the photos at least three times today. The the words thank you followed by their name each time you see their photo.

5. Repeat Day 2 Exercise

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