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Hello ! I'm Neetu and I'm from India. That Teddy Bear you see in the picture, he's from Singapore and is not related to me. Just in case you're wondering.

I am an artist who stopped creating art after my 10th grade, because society wanted me to be, like everyone else, an engineer. It took me years until I realized that an artist is what I want to remain, not some computer engineer writing programs for some company that is owned by some man who is busy holidaying in Hawaii while the artist in me dies a pretty fast death as I slog my ass off doing things I don't enjoy. No way!

Slogging you're ass off is good as long as you enjoy it, as long as it gives you life and not the opposite.

A few things I enjoy - cooking, sketching, reading. But my deepest love lies in writing. It's therapeutic and absolutely sensational.

Feel free to email me about anything, I'll always reply.

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  1. Hi Neetu, while going through your views on book name The Laws of the Spirit World, written by Khorshed Bhavnagri, I would like to know your real life experiences after reading this book