Friday, June 3, 2016


Title - Elegy
Author - Amanda Hocking
Series - Watersong Series #4
Genre - YA Fiction/ Paranormal Romance
Pages - 560

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An ancient curse robbed Gemma Fisher of everything that matters most―her friends, her family and the guy she loves. But now that she found the scroll that binds the curse, she finally has a chance to get her old life back. She just needs to destroy the scroll―but it's not as easy as she hoped. Protected by ancient magic, it seems utterly indestructible. Making matters worse, Penn has grown even more obsessed with stealing Daniel for her own…and she's about to succeed.
Gemma's frantic search leads her to someone who might be able to help―the mysterious immortal who cursed Penn and her sisters thousands of years ago. As Gemma and her friends unravel the tragic history of the curse, they plunge deeper into a world of shocking secrets and twisted vendettas―and it'll take all their courage, love and the power of their friendship just to survive. Gemma has so much to fight for and she's never wanted anything more, but will it be enough to stop her enemies?


What a great way to end this series! I loved this book. The character development since Wake has only improved. The other books were kinda laid back but boy did this book have a lot of action packed in it! 

I'm glad I read this series. I really want more Indians to read books written by foreign authors. If you're reading ebooks, these are not very expensive. Pick them up and enjoy a week of Greek Mythology. Lovely work Amanda Hocking! 

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