Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Title - 13 Steps to Bloody Good Luck
Author - Ashwin Sanghi
Genre - Non-Fiction
Pages - 160

The journey of life isn't exactly easy. Some people make it through hard work and talent. Some fall by the wayside. And some people are just plain lucky. They are blessed with Bloody Good Luck! But is it possible to attract good luck? Can we train ourselves to be lucky? Apparently it seems that Dame Luck isn't that fickle. She is well within our reach. In his first non-fiction foray, bestselling author Ashwin Sanghi explores that critical, much-longed for element called luck. Through entertaining and informative anecdotes, narrations of personal experiences and vignettes of homespun wisdom, Ashwin gives us a whole new insight into how people can work towards being lucky. It seems that luck isn't entirely the twist of fate that it is made out to be! Almost inspirational like Robin Sharma, Dale Carnegie or Spencer Johnson, Ashwin Sanghi shows us a brand new side to his writing in this particular book.


I started this book this morning at 10:30 and finished it at 1. I didn't take a break in between, that's how glued I was to reading it. What set's this book apart from the rest of the self-help/motivational/how to be successful type of books is that this particular short book is packed with real life success stories, each of which wonderfully explains the different ways luck can favor you.

I've never read a book by an Indian author before, this is my first, and I liked it. It spoke to me, gave me what I wanted to hear, loud and clear with real people's examples. Ashwin Sanghi, good job with the extensive research you've undertaken to bring all your ideas about luck in one short book.

I liked it. Anyone who reads it will like it. 

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