Monday, February 13, 2017


Let me begin this post by saying 💝HAPPY VALENTINES DAY 💝

I've been the biggest fan of art right from the day my brain was developed enough to appreciate art. I might have been 2 and flowers were my thing back then. I could draw before I learnt to hold a pen, and believe me you, my artwork stunned people. I was a crazy artist till 10th grade, and then I left home for education. That's when things changed. I stopped drawing. Learning to be independent, running the race of dirty competition, coping with the reality of growing up, confusion with how my life would turn out to be... all of this got to me.

But the good news is, I've started drawing again. After 8 long years. And it's ok. It's better late than never right :) Here is my attempt at realism. It took me two days, a total of 12 hours to complete sketching this beautiful picture of the gorgeous Gigi Hadid. I think my next realism sketch will be of her lover boy Zayn Malik.

I've put some real effort into this. * patting my own back with tears pooling in my eyes* I'm proud of myself. Hope you like it, it's OKAY if you don't 👌

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