Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I idolize Nicki Minaj for the right reasons

I request you to read through the entire post since I have conflicting opinions about the rise of the greatest female rapper ever - Nicki Minaj

A lot of Nicki Minaj fans have been posting a lot of her videos and pictures on Instagram lately and it has forced me to wonder... is this what kids look up to? is this what people want to be?... objectifying their own bodies and making a fool of themselves publicly, and making a fool of every WoC out there?

Now I've come across innumerable arguments stating she exudes power - something women are often deprived of, she's the best female rapper in the history of rap and that she is comfortable with her body and respects herself which is an unparalleled and applaud-worthy aspect. I'd like to counter each of these 3 arguments made by every conscious Nicki Minaj fan out there.

1. Nicki OWNS her body 

Every woman should because every woman is beautiful and to own your body is undoubtedly the right thing to do. But how does hypersexualized and disrespectful conduct be the right way to send out a message to women? When you see the pictures below, do the words respect, grace or dignity strike you? If they do, please book an appointment with the nearest psychotherapist.

2. Nicki is the best female rapper ever 
This is simple, I'm just going to copy/paste the lyrics of two of her songs and highlight a few lines that prove her rapping is complete sh*t 😄

Come On A Cone

Uhh! Unghh!
Bitches ain't serious, man these bitches delirious
All these bitches inferiors, I just pimp my interiors
I just pick up and go, might pick up a hoe
Might give conversation, if you kick up the dough
Never mind my money; never mind my stacks
Every bitch wanna be me, you can find 'em in Saks
"Pink Friday" two milli, "Super Bass" triple plat
When you see me on Ellen, just admit that I'm winning
Do a show for Versace, they request me by name
And if they don't get Nicki, it just won't be the same
When I'm sitting with Anna, I'm really sitting with Anna
Ain't a metaphor punchline, I'm really sitting with Anna!!

Front row at Oscar de la Renta posture
Ain't a bitch that could do it, not even my impostor
Put these bitches on lockout, where the fuck is your roster?
I pull up in that new new, marinara and pasta

Shake my head yo I'm mad, ain't a bitch in my zone
In the middle of nowhere, I just feel so alone
Got the certification, cause it come with the stone
But this ice is so cold, It should come on a cone
It should come on a cone, It should come on a cone
And my ice is so cold, It should come on a cone
It should come on a cone, It should come on a cone
Cause my ice is so cold, It should come on a cone

7-Up went and gave, my commercial to Cee-Lo
But don't tell them I said it, let's keep it on the d-low
If you need you a look, just put me on your song
But you know it'll cost, about six figures long
But you bitches ain't got it, where the fuck is your budgets?
Flying spurs for hers; me I'm fucking above it
And I just got the ghost, and I'm calling it (Casper)
But this shit is so cold, it belong in Alaska
Why the fuck am I styling? I competes with myself
When you win against Nicki, you depleted your wealth
And I'm not masturbating, but I'm feeling myself
Paparazzi is waiting, cause them pictures'll sell
Now don't you feel a-stupid, yeah that's egg on your face
If you wasn't so ugly, I'd put my dick in yo' face!
[Singing] Dick in your face; put my dick in your face, yeah!


Ooohh-ooh, dick in your face [3x]
Put my dick in your face

Put my dick in your face, yeah yeah
Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah
Yeah-yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah
Yeah (YUH!)

Tapout (featuring Nicki Minaj)

[Nicki Minaj:]
Million dollar pussy, million dollar pussy
Six inch pumps, play with his balls, dunks
Bald head, yup, don't want no Forest Gumps
Don't let me tell ya twice, already told ya once
Eat that pussy
Who got the baddest pussy on the planet

D boys love me they don't understand it
Oooooh deep throat (Rich Gang)
Million dollar pussy might pounce on that ass
Throw them hundreds 'til I lose counts on that ass
Max out all of them accounts on that ass
Million dollar cheques don't bounce on that ass
Pull up in that you can't afford this
Only rap bitch on the Forbes list
Pussy jewelry make 'em say burr man, rubs hands like Birdman

None of her songs stir any sort of emotion or have any deep meaning. The only thing she blabbers about is sex. Pussy, dick, fat ass, fuck, balls, and various activities/gestures that go along with one or more than one of these nouns are all she really cares/raps about.

Just imagine your 6 year old niece singing "Million dollar pussy" when visiting her old grandparents. Such a disaster!
3. Nicki Minaj exudes power

I am fully convinced about this one. Nicki Minaj, was born on December 8, 1982, to two part-time gospel singers. What an irony, isn't it? Her father, however, was a short tempered alcoholic and a drug addict to the point of burning down their house in 1987. Imagine the pain, suffering and uncertainty Nicki Minaj was exposed to.

Her mother brought the family to Queens, New York when Minaj was only 5. As a kid, Minaj dreamed of pursuing a career in acting, but I guess things turned out so much better for her. She worked as a waitress at various restaurants and was fired about 15 times for discourtesy to customers.

 Her way to fame has in no way been easy. She has worked hard (working hard being the focus, the how hardly matters). As of today, at the age of 34 years, her net worth is estimated to a mind-boggling $70 million.

                                   So do you still think your or my criticism or opinion affects her?

It only helps her get richer and famed.

The material she creates, if not applauded or enjoyed (her hypersexualized and disrespectful conduct), is definitely consumed profusely by a very large number of people. Her stuff sells and she continues to create more of it unabashedly. Cause she has understood what people desire and devour and she exploits this revelation left, right and center. What's wrong with that?...she doesn't force her butt or dick on your face, does she?

And for this reason, I look up to her, well certain values she imbibes. You might think of her as vulgar, obnoxious, unbearable, disgusting, stupid... but I think along with these attributes she is also a genius and a daredevil and those two qualities alone overpower everything else.
There is so much to learn from you Nicki Minaj.

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