Sunday, June 26, 2016

I won a Rs.5,000 voucher! Yaaaay!

This happened yesterday. We (two of my friends and I) went to Metro to do some shopping. Metro here in India is like Costco in America. Incidentally, there happened to be a Metro Anniversary Jackpot on the same day. I looked up a banner in Metro which said that if your bill crosses Rs. 10,000 you get two chances at winning the Jackpot.

I didn't bother much. I thought you simply get a ticket and if you win the lucky draw you get a stupid prize or something. So, without paying much heed to the jackpot business I went about shopping for daily essentials (sauces, biscuits, cornflakes, shampoo... that kinda stuff).

On billing the products I realized my bill had crossed Rs. 10,000. That's when I thought I should give this jackpot thing a shot. I was led out of the area onto the open and was given two rings. I was supposed to throw the rings and aim at any box. Each box had a prize value printed on it. The highest value was Rs. 5,000.

And guess what! I played and won :) Then I got a little greedy. I still had the second ring... I aimed for the same box again but just missed it. I was sad for a second, then the excitement got to me. I'd just won a voucher and the guy said that I was only the second person to win that day :D Two guys in Metro uniforms clicked a picture with me, then I realized I should've gotten one clicked with my phone too. Anyway, I clicked one with my phone later :P

Should've taken a picture with those guys, damm! And sorry for the no make-up photo, I look tired but happy, exactly how I'd felt :)

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