Thursday, June 16, 2016

Too much stress these days!

Have you realized that as the years go by, most of us tend to get more worked up about even the silliest things. Ever stopped and wondered why?

I've thought about this several times. When I was little, things were so much easier. Not just for me, for everyone in general. My dad, being the only bread winner in our family, worked a humble job and raised a family of four. We lived in a little apartment and managed with the little we had. We didn't have fancy phones, or expensive gadgets and expensive clothes. We didn't eat out frequently, since mom is an awesome cook and frankly...we really didn't have the money to. But still... childhood was lovely, mainly because there was no stress. There was love and togetherness. There was peace and happiness.

Why have times changed so much? Everyone's bogged down with stress, worry, uncertainty, fear! Why? I think the answer is pretty simple. Today, we have too many options for everything.

Pride and greed have blinded almost everybody. The feeling of gratefulness has fallen off the face of the earth. The level of unhealthy competition is growing uncontrollably. In effect, people have lost peace, there are broken families, many live through life like headless chickens unaware of what they truly want.

Remember, all that you accumulate or try to accumulate will only last this long. Take a little time off everyday, spend it in silence. Thank God for all the blessings you've being given, feel happy for the more fortunate and pray for the less fortunate. Each breath you take is an opportunity to be a better, calmer human being. Invest in your health, put your phone away and spend time with your family.

I came across this lovely book called The Magic - Rhonda Byrne . The book has a 28 day exercise, little things to do each day, that should help you change your life. Starting tomorrow, I'll share what is to be done each day, and you can do this exercise with me. I'd love it for us to share our experiences through the 28 day journey. You have to follow the routine religiously, if there is a break you'll have to start all over from day 1.

You can subscribe to my blog to get an email of each day's exercise in case you loose track of my blog. Let's do this guys! It's the little things we do that will help us lead better lives, let's put the effort to begin that change.