Saturday, June 18, 2016

Completed 1 month of blogging - Thank you guys!

I started this blog on the 18th of May, and today this blog completes one month!

I just want to say a big THANK YOU for your love and support. This blog means a lot to me, I love reading and writing and your love encourages me to continue doing what I love. When I put up my first post exactly one month ago, I was anxious and nervous. I didn't know if my blog would benefit anyone, or if people I don't personally know would even be interested to read my stuff. But it's different now, I feel much more confident, all thanks to you. 

I want to be able to help talented authors, inspire people to read and hence lead better lives. I write books myself, and trust me the anxiety that comes with writing a book can at times be insurmountable. Writers are very anxious and emotional people, we get depressed easily, we get happy easily... we even get hurt easily. But most of all, we strive to give you a good time... loosen you up a little and lessen the stress you face from your daily schedule.

I know this is just the beginning to a much greater journey for both you and me. The picture below is just to show you how this blog has done in it's first month. No, I haven't made money from this blog, but I wish to make enough in the future to be able to host giveaways and support this blog. 

God bless you guys, have a wonderful day :)